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Why choose PBISM for Sports Rehab?

We are experts in the area of sports physical therapy and your rehab experience with us will be like none you have experienced before. We offer a comprehensive rehab program with a custom designed exercise and rehab program for you, the patient. At the Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine you will be challenged each visit with a variety of unique tasks designed to get you back to competing at the level your used to quicker than you thought possible. Where else will you get to experience running on an underwater treadmill or have a video of your progress produced? Many of our therapists are athletes themselves and understand the importance of returning to sport. We have treated athletes from every high school and college in the Boca Raton area and we pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and advanced atmosphere for rehab. Athletic injuries are essentially orthopedic injuries, which have a sport specific component. Our goal for the athlete is to return the patient to the sport quickly, while preventing re-injuries through proper warm-up and training procedures. Our program is effective, helping return patients to previous levels of sports activity through exercises for the trunk, upper, and lower extremities and back. If you are a local high school soccer player seeking a speedy recovery from an ACL repair or a senior citizen trying to get back on the golf course we can assure that you will be receiving the best care in the area and be amongst your peers at the Palm Beach Institute of Sports Medicine.