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Redcord teaches you how to train smarter, not harder. It enhances muscle control and stability through exercises that demand high neuromuscular effort, but without the need for high mechanical load. The Redcord provider focuses on the quality of your movement patterns to help you establish adequate neuromuscular control for that exercise, before introducing you to more challenging movements, higher resistances and sport specific training.

What is RedCord?

Redcord takes suspension exercise to the next level. Researched, developed and utilized by Physical Therapists for more than two decades, Redcord now comprises the most comprehensive collection of suspension exercise equipment and training programs in the industry. In fact, there are over 100 hours of instructional courses to assist medical and fitness professionals, all of which are continually being updated with findings from new research and experiments.

How do RedCord exercises work?

Only with Redcord equipment can someone of any age, condition and strength level do suspension exercises. Utilizing Redcord's patented "bungee assistance" system, the person's body weight is supported throughout each movement pattern with slings and elastic bungee cords. This allows the provider to adjust the amount of resistance and neuromuscular challenge applied during these exercises, in order to avoid the interference of pain and muscle compensation. Therefore, while requiring different amounts of "bungee assistance" to maintain proper form and biomechanics, a 70 year-old sedentary person is capable of performing many of the same suspension exercises as an 18 year-old athlete.